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Magniflex Magnigel 9″ Mattress


  • Legacy Mattress

Magniflex Magnigel 9″ Mattress – Magnigel Collection

Magniflex Magnigel 9″ is a gel memory foam with a high-density open cell structure that keeps you cool and dry all night long. The Magnigel 9 features medium soft support with layers of Magnigel, Memoform memory foam, and Eliosoft. Comes with a removable viscose fabric cover.

Height23 cm (9 inches)
Warranty12 years
CertificationsOEKO, MADE IN ITALY
Level of comfortMedium soft
Internal structureMemoform, Magnigel Foam, Magnifoam Eliosoft
BenefitsExtracomfort, Breathable, Embracing

legacy mattress

  • Viscose
  • Magnigel Foam 2 cm
  • Memoform 3 cm
  • Eliosoft 18 cm

legacy mattress