Lounge Pillow


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Lounge Pillow

The Lounge pillow features a shredded foam interior with a design offering enhanced comfort while reading, eating, and sitting upright in bed. Its overfilled shape supports the upper body, while the arm rests reduce arm and shoulder strain. A bamboo velour cover encases this pillow and is removable for easy laundering.

  • Shredded foam interior
  • Enhanced comfort while reading, eating and sitting upright in bed
  • Arm rests support upper body, reducing neck and shoulder strain
  • Bamboo velour removable cover
  • 5 Year warranty
Cover Super-soft Bamboo Velour Removable Cover
Material Memory Foam
Certifications CertiPUR-US®,  OEKO-TEX®,
Dimensions 22″ x 35″
Loft 17

Malouf Lounge Pillow

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