Blu Aquagel Pillow


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Blu Aquagel Pillow

This new high technology Italian water based foamed gel pillow goes above and beyond any other foam used in the industry today. Practically undeformable due to its high elasticity and resiliency; this plush and luxurious pillow provides adaptive contouring to the neck and perfect loft to the head. It is fresh and breathable; 300 times more breathable than the traditional memory foam pillows. Water expanded and enriched with mallow extract, this pillow has the utmost respect for the environment and your health.

In addition Blu Aquagel Pillow also has ventilation holes through & through for the utmost freshness and comfort. The mallow flower has been used in Europe for centuries for its calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Our pillows are environmentally friendly and have quality certifications to ensure all highest standards are met. Blu Aquagel Pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers; side, stomach, back.


Tencel cover treated with silver clear is soft and supple and has incredible wicking abilities to keep skin dry.

Queen Pillow – 28.34×16.53×5.51 inches


oekotex breathability blu adaptive foam

  • Breathability: Highly ventilated foam
  • Blu Adaptive Foam: Adapts to your body and shape. Non temperature sensitive
  • Oekotex: Foam tested for harmful substances. Quality certifications to ensure all highest standards are met

5 Year Warranty

5 year warranty


Blu Aquagel Pillow

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