Aeration pillow


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Aeration pillow

Filled with air cushioning polyethylene tubes for airflow and cooling, the buckwheat alternative Aeration pillow conforms to support the head and neck. The flexible fill promotes continuous airflow, and can be molded for ideal positioning. A special half bamboo velour and half spandex cover allows the filling to stretch as it settles to your head and neck movements.

  • Filled with air cushioning polyethylene tubes
  • Buckwheat alternative conforms to support head and neck
  • Flexible fill promotes continuous airflow and lifelong consistent feel
  • Two-sided bamboo velour and spandex cover
  • 5 Year warranty
Cover Two-sided Bamboo Velour And Spandex Cover
Material Bamboo
Dimensions 25″ x 16″
Loft 5″

Aeration pillow

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